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September 22, 2009



I always thought that he was over rated by the media and this is proof, stumbling and mumbling along unsure of his answers.

David from Ealing

Jeremy Paxman never accepts answers. I don't think Cable was mauled at all. He answered the questions clearly and concisely and didn't seem at all unsure.

He has also set out detailed proposals for economic changes which we are yet to see from George Osborne. Maybe George is still trying to understand it.

William Blakes Ghost

I thought Paxman was fairly reserved. The problem was that Cable looked like he was caught in the headlights

Man in a Shed

Road crash TV.

David from Ealing - your party loyalty is commendable - unless you really believe what you've written in which case I would have to ask what you think a bad media performance looks like ?

Paxman was able to skewer Cable as the Mansion tax is ill thought through,m poorly presented and not even cleared with his own party.

A hopeless shower.


I agree with BW - Cable has always been over-rated. He was not very good at all and the million pound home plan is ill-thought out.

Patrick cmr

Paxman did a good job on Cable. It seems the more Cable is closely scrutinised the more it is revealed he makes his statements on the hoof. After the Andrew Neil 'straight talking' interview and this interview with Paxman his credibility is really beginning to flounder. Won't be long before he is known as 'flip flop' Cable judging by the way his statements are tailored to suit the need of the day, rather than a development of policy statements of the past.

Dirty Euro

We need a mansion tax. There is no harm in this idea. Who are these greedy thugs saying that rich do not need to pay higher tax. It is the type of policy that will turn me Lib Dem.

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