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May 25, 2009


michael mcgough

He totally misses the point,as dones the interviewer.It is NOT an impermissible donation because Brown was a crook but because the company it was received from was NOT a UK Registered cO THAT WAS TRADING.

Contrary to what the interviewr stated ElComm hasve not JUST reopened the case ,it has long been ongoing.What Clegg made clear was that the party hasn't got the money.It is believed by some that the investigation will last until state funding is in place.

Victor, NW Kent

I think that the county cricket clubs which received £50,000 each from the largesse of Allen Stanford have all returned the money. Their view is that it was tainted and that it would be unethical to keep it.

Surely the LibDems should have suspected something - no sane person would give the LibDems over £2-million.

Emily Broadacre

Dare I mention Asil Nadir, Conrad Black?? We all have skeletons!

michael mcgough

Clearly the Libdems could not have known he was a crook just as the Tories could not have known about Asil Nadir.They can't pay it back,the're broke.

Where the Libs failed,and this was despite the boasts in the accountancy press of the Lord in charge that they had a large compliance dept. they did not establish the credentials of the company giving the donation.Had he given it in person they would have had to check that he was on an electoral roll.Elcomm do not have clear guidance on checking the UK trading status of companies making donations however.

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