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March 16, 2009


Me MeMe

Ha - All things to all men.

Will S

So half of them are LibDems because the Tories in their area are crap, and the other half because they were too scared to go to Labour meetings?

They perform a role in politics, but god help us if they ever got into government.


I have never listened to so much drivel in my life......what a muddle!


Liberals look even less attractive in ultra close-up.


what a rag tag shower of half baked platitudes. thank god they'll not be forming the next government - it's enough to give you nightmares.

TRG Tory

No Nick Clegg and only one non white face.

Cllr Mark Heenan

Paddy Ashdown's comment ("Why am I a Liberal Democrat? Because I wan't to change the world") is analogous to "Why did I have a vasectomy? Because I wanted a large family..."

David Parker

Because, if the other parties are trying so hard to destroy each other,there MUST be a chance for us, somewhere!

Metallica's Armpit

yep. Pretty much absolute drivel.

"I'm a Lib Dem because I'm a deceitful opportunistic git who will say anything and do anything in our ever failing bid for power - only the Lib Dems beleve in that."

Joseph S.

I love how Nick Clegg is unable to answer said question!


I write as a Liberal Democrat because of the value placed upon personal liberty and opportunity. Every person has value and potential. Both the other parties have betrayed these values and created a society that is uneven and, for many, desperately harsh. Both are prepared to undermine these values (remember that Tories originally backed I.D. cards and data bases, supported the Iraq war, and even this last week were originally going to abstain on the Gurkha issue).

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