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September 16, 2008


Andrew S

Interesting angle to attack Cameron. Don't think it will have much effect though, the people who will agree probably think so already.


Clegg is a pale imitation. Cameron will crush him like a bug.

Matt Wright

He is just plain wrong when he says about taxes that Conservatives never say they will give something back to people. Clegg knows he is telling porkies on this point, but says it anyway, which is hardly very reassuring when he also tries to portray his party as a new trustworthy way for the people.

Roger Evans

Just as well they have a conference - otherwise nobody would be interested in what he has to say. Clegg's problem is how to get attention for the other 51 weeks of the year.

Justin hinchcliffe

Truly dire.

mark taylor

this guy is so dull - i thought he would be a threat - he's a joke and really boring to boot. I also thought he was bright - he can't even get his facts right on pensions. he's fantastic for the other two parties. long live cleggy - he's like his party - absolutely useless.

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