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February 27, 2008


JP Floru

No amount of amateur theatrics will distract us from the fact that the LibDems have reneged on their promise to offer us a referendum on the constitution. It is a straightforward betrayal of the electorate.

I look forward to seeing large numbers of bright young Conservatives take the LibDems' parliamentary seats within the next two years.


Shame it is the liberals doing it rather than the Conservatives. How would the latter vote on an 'in or out' referendum? I've been studying politics for decades and I still don't understand what the tory position on the EU is.(sigh)


The LibDems were there in force, with at least one sitting in the aisle. Even the deputy speaker seemed to be reading from a prepared script. Was this all contrived and planned beforehand?
Clegg looks particularly po-faced, as if he regards the tantrum with distaste.However, his own stance on ID cards is totally OTT. People can understand that it probably won’t work and the money could be better spent, but making it a big matter of principle is ridiculous. He will need to give similar information to enter many foreign countries and many of his Liberal colleagues abroad happily accept ID cards. Can you be a serious contender for high office and promise to go to prison if Parliament democratically votes for ID cards.

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