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January 22, 2013


Edward Huxley

The cuts are a disgrace. The defence of the realm should be a goverbnment`s first duty.

Not this government.

john parkes

Murphy is right to say it is `a dreadful day` for many in the Army; but then so it is for any people who lose their jobs in any circumstances. Murphy speaks as if this is the first and only cut in Army numbers, which of course it is not. All governments have cut Armed Forces manpower numbers in modern times to take account of current circumstances. One would expect the Opposition, of whatever Party, to try to make political capital out of it; and Murphy is living up to one`s expectations.
Perhaps Edward Huxley can enlighten us on details of the government`s dereliction of duty, as he sees it, by outlining for us the threat and just how the government is failing in its duty to meet that threat.

Will Wallace

If anything we should be despairing at the fact that there are people in this party that think we should cut NHS spending but not defence. Any job losses are terrible, yes. But that's what happens during austerity.

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