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June 16, 2012


Sean O'Hare

Did I mishear or did Ed say that [Cameron] wasn't standing up to the rich and powerful?

Alistair Thomas

This is the man who as energy secretary in the last government launched the Feed-In-Tariff system for solar which applies "levies" (stealth taxes) to all electricity users (and by this, let's use a line or two out of the Labour playbook, we mean: The old, the infirm, the poor, hard working families etc - often referred to "the many" in Labourspeak) to pay for Tariffs which have been used by rich investors to put "free panels" on peoples roofs and Housing Associations to subsidise social housing. Ed Miliband is the proud architect of a scheme that steals from the hard pressed many and gives to to the privileged few or pet social projects. This is how Labour spends your taxes - on it's friends, and for the vast majority, you are not one of Labour's friends.

How can this man even show his face in public let alone head a political party which should be discredited for a generation if not a lifetime?

Why do Tories go so soft on this guy? He is a waste of oxygen. Every time he opens his mouth any nearby conservatives should ram the Feed-In-Tariffs down his throat.


Well said Alistair. Milliband gets away with so much. Labour most certainly didn't stand up for the poor over energy policy and they certainly didn't think about the poor when they were spending all our money and then spending even more and getting the country into horrendous debt. We must attack more or we will be blamed for what they have done. The electorate has a very short memory, so we need to keep saying that we are having to do a, b,c because Labour left us with x,y,z. You are absolutely right Labour should be discredited for a lifetime. We need to get the attack dogs on the BBC morning,noon and night.

Jet Rocket

I am certain that in his twisted mind he is absolutely right. Cam is standing up for the British (sniggers), whilst it is certain that Millipied will be standing up for Europe, the US, International communists, just about anyone other than the British.

Paul Harris

So Ed the Marxist is going to go to the globalist conventions and let them tell us what to do. He reminds me of both Obama and Cameron. Both promised “change” without specifying what change.

Harry Hill

Clearly Ed is getting to some of you, on the basis of these pathetic comments.

Paul Harris

The only honest thing I have heard form mainstream politicians recently is the often banded about comment that “We’re all in this together”. Indeed, Ed is just the next Cameron. These people are entirely unpatriotic and have their allegiances with the globalists who decide what is good for us themselves. This is where ‘gay marriage’[sic] comes from. This is why we have a globally imposed no smoking ban, unlimited immigration and so on. This is also why a lot of people don’t vote. They think that voting for any party only gives them legitimacy, which they don’t deserve.

The last time we had a truly patriotic man was in the days of Enoch Powell. In some areas he had 80% of the people supporting him. He was a Tory, but had the unions marching for him. Why - because he was working for the people and not the global socialist elite, who he opposed.

Michael Dixon

And of course Ed with his £140,000 a year, £2 million house and a well paid wife has his ear close to the needs of the working classes, just like his get rich Labour cronies, Blair, Mandelson, Robinson and Campbell.

Brother David is coining it all from a variety of directions too.

Not forgetting Kinnock plc in Europe and the Lords Prescott and Kinnock.

This government has raised the tax threshold for the lower paid twice and if that is helping the rich then Miliband is way out of touch with ordinary people's lives.


Completely out of touch. In fact when have Labour ever been in touch with the lives of poor people. In the 50s, 60s and 70s they tried to make people poor by forcing millions of people out on strike. The working class had no chance to better themselves. Thanks to Grammar Schools many working class children did better themselves but Labour then created the dependent class by throwing money at welfare. Thank goodness for IDS and his common sense policies. Now there is a man who is trying to raise people out of poverty. Maybe Ed ought to listen to him before he makes ill judged speeches.

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