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June 16, 2012


Patsy Sergeant

Wishful thinking!

Alistair Thomas

This is a good example of one of Labour's chief weapons: repeat something often enough and hope that people start to believe it's true. Just look at how many Labour spokespeople were rabbiting the line that Hunt broke the ministerial code. It's one area where Labour's unholy alliance with the BBC is so powerful. Labour come up with a consistent line and then the BBC repeat it ad nauseam.

It even works on non stories like Cameron leaving his daughter down the pub. How many people come home from the pub in 2 or more cars with the family and responsible adults split between cars? It's really easy in a household for one parent to be with a subset of the children and to assume that the rest of the family are together, and yet one or more of the children could be doing their own thing. The Camerons live in an artificial world at the moment. It's the protection force that should be worrying about their P45s in this case. The family has to rely on the hired help to look after them. They were badly let down. I dismissed this arrant nonsense the first time I heard it last weekend, yet the BBC would not let it drop. They were still pushing the story on Question Time 5 days later.

To be fair to Labour, this approach works for them. Just look at how many people still support them despite having been repeatedly and systematically lied to, and provenly so, over their thirteen years in government. One reason that they still use this tactic is that Tories have never developed a process for debunking the lies. You can rarely ever get more than a few Tories to take the same line at any given time and even when they do, it's not coordinated so they all use different language so the message doesn't stick.

Far too many of the British electorate like their politics served up to them in nice digestible chunks; We shouldn't pander to this and serve up our own gossip, scandal and hopeless fantasies, but we do need to focus on the concerns of the common man, debunk the labour lies and then tell the truth, no matter how hard it is, and do it with one voice so it looks like we believe it. That's why consistent untruths are so dangerous - they smack of conviction and consensus.

I'd like to believe that Cameron does understand and empathise with the common man, but he isn't focused enough, and he is too inconstant even when he does hit the right track.


A student union-style speech, by a student-union president style leader. We must hope he does not enter No 10!


David and Ed Miliband are both so geeky and bland it's easy to mix them up.

The same can be said for Cameron and Clegg.

Patsy Sergeant

To Alistair @ 3.40pm above, very, very well said!

Wapping boy

Agreed. Alistair hits the proverbial on it's head very well.

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