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May 15, 2010


Norman Dee

The Champagne marxist mother, not supporting the Champagne socialist sons because they are too right wing for her. Lifes full of disappointments good job they have all that money to soften the blow. It does beg the question why are all these people living here shouldn't they be living in one of the countries that actually have the kind of system they want here. Can't imagine why.


If Labour choose this guy then they are insane.

He comes across as weak, weak, weak.

rob g

It would be fun if he did become leader. Hed get ripped to shreds by cameron at PMQs.

Jack Stone

Ed Miliband actually comes over quite well as a person and is very bright and energetic. I think the Conservative party underrate him at there peril.


It is beyond disgusting that a Conservative PM could be planning to more than double CGT.

This is legalised THEFT.

I urge all of you on here to make your thoughts on this known to your MP.

If you are a Conservative party member then I urge you to make a strong complaint direct to the party as well.

Steve Tierney

He's quite a funny guy, and likeable. He'll get torn to shreds as leader though. Which is why they surely wont choose him.

Ultimo Tiger

He seems more down to earth than his brother but still, he seems a bit lightweight and is in the shadow of his brother and father.

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