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November 05, 2012



The whole 'gay marriage' agenda is being driven by the EU (in Europe) and probably originates in the UN.

In the UK, Cameron is just following the EU's Orders (again).

Peter Day

Agreed, because the EU is based on Secular Humanism, whereas the British Constitution is based on Christianity. All the main parties are committed to the EU, and therefore are complicit in the destruction of our nation and Constitution. UKIP want out of the EU, and whilst are not anti-gay, are against gay marriage because of its consequences, so should be the choice for every Christian that wants to retain our Christian-based Constitution.

Alistair Thomas

It's not healthy to think of parents' "rights" when it comes to children - it should all be about responsibility. By the rules of nature, every child has the right to a parent of each sex. We should only break that right when all reasonable different sex parenting options have been exhausted. Of course love and support are more important probably than anything else for a child and a gay couple are just as capable of providing this as a straight couple.

You can't and shouldn't even try to stop gay couples having medical procedures or donations from third parties to create children where nature would otherwise deny that chance. However, no public money should be spent on this, even if straight couples do get state help with IVF for example. Adoption agencies should judge decisions on a couple's potential to nurture and care for a child. When a gay couple and straight couple are deemed equal in all other respects the decision should favour the straight couple every time. If that makes me a bigot then so be it.

I confess I have never put this principle to the test. I'm fifty now and none of my various gay friends have ever shown the slightest inclination to try to have children. I don't even have issues with gays as role models as one dear friend (who just happens to be gay) is godfather to my eldest child.

If I am in a minority in the UK and the consensus is that my taxes should go to provide state support for exactly the services of which I disapprove, then that's democracy and fine with me. The EU should have absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever.


Every child deserves a mother and a father.

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