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April 12, 2011




Wish Stephen Fry had been in it though.

Colly Wobbles

AV could kill off this party.. VOTE NO

nonny mouse

This whole thing shows how vacuous the AV campaigns argument is. The broadcast is full of lies and promises that AV cannot deliver on.

- AV does not stop MPs ignoring voters between elections.
- AV does not make MPs in safe seats work harder.
- AV is not used to elect leaders in the Conservative party.
- AV would not have prevented the expenses scandal.
- AV does change the MPs expenses system at all.
- AV is not an out dated system - most of the world use it.
- AV does not make an MPs life any less 'cushy'.
- AV does not mean that MPs have to aim for 50% of the vote - it means they need to aim for second preferences.
- AV will not make MPs listen to voters.
- AV will not make MPs work harder.
- AV does not make votes more powerful. It makes the party leaders more powerful because they can ignore their manifestos as part of forming coalitions.
- AV will not stop 'jobs for life'. AV makes it harder to turf out a government.
- AV does not give voters more say over anything.

Why do they really want AV?

Say NO to the Europhile Labour and LibDem parties changing the rules, vote NO to AV.

nonny mouse

Who is responsible for truth in PEB's?

We should start a letter writing campaign pointing out some of the out and out lies in this broadcast.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Really Colly Wobbles? All the more reason for me to vote YES2AV -which is what I will be doing anyway- if it will kill off the Cameroon Heresy of the Counterfeit Conservatives.

Now I saw the Broadcast and I have to say it is not the presentaion I would have made but if it works with some voters fair enough. At least we don't have some runner or other winning but getting a bronze medal or a horse that wins a race being reduced to third place or some other falacious and irrelevant rubbish.

David from Ealing

And you're telling us that the pathetic no broadcast a couple of days ago was all truth?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Oh dear Nonny. Don't like when the other side bites back? "Sing when you're winning, you only sing when you're winning....."

Denis Cooper

Certainly some exaggerations in this broadcast, but not the kind of outright lies spread by NO2AV.

No idea how effective it will be.

Steve Tierney

I can understand the Lib Dem YES crowd who love the fact that AV would deliver more weak, say-anything-to-be-liked, policy-free-zone clone candidates. UKIP, though, must have lost their minds when they decided to take this line. They perceive this will help them. It won't. In the long run, AV will smash the sort of candidates that UKIP put up. I think they've made a serious error and if the YES crowd win they'll rue the day they decided to take this line.

However, NO seems to be in the lead, so fingers crossed this idiocy goes nowhere.

Chad Noble (ex ToryBlog.com)

THe big difference for UKIP Steve, as shown here is that they will pick up a lot of Conservatives second prefs, so if they grow to come second in a seat with Tory third, they could be on to a winner.

The BNP in contrast, will need 50% of first prefs, and thus, as this link shows, AV will shut them out of politics. http://goo.gl/z1pmr

That in itself is a reason to vote yes, which makes me all the more furious for the smears from Warsi/Cameron/No2AV re the BNP under AV.

That said, the ad was much better than the no2av but both were still very substandard, much like both campaigns.

Donald Burling

I'm afraid this broadcast wouldn't have convinced me. Why not just explain that AV gives voters the choice of voting for the candidate they really want (even if he/she's a fringe) and still influencing the final result if it comes to a choice between the big parties - thus eliminating the need for tactical voting.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

"That in itself is a reason to vote yes, which makes me all the more furious for the smears from Warsi/Cameron/No2AV re the BNP under AV"

Toryblog, they are FRIT! If they were ignoring YES2AV, being patronising or "nice" in their approach then I would be really worried! Warsi cannot do subtle by the way, she has her strident drive running at Warp 9. Screeching Harridan is the description that comes to my mind. She is a "Triple Token" and I feel Cameron will drop her after the Local Elections etc on May 5th when he has his first big reshuffle.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Donald Burling, I can see your point. I too was not too keen on the approach being taken in this broadcast although being as I am pro-AV anyway it is immaterial. My mind is up and I just can't wait to use my Postal Vote when it arrives next week. I usually fill these out the day I receive them and post them off that day. YES2AV is a given, my problem is that UKIP are not contesting any wards in my Borough, although they are putting in a lot of effort in adjoining Wokingham District. Alas I am going to have probeem in who I vote for in the Council Elections. From what I have so far been able to ascertain of the Conservative candidate I am less than impressed. There have be no leaflets from the Tories although Labour have not only put these through the letterbox during the year and have this week put out a very well presented "Reading Banner" listing their candidates with pictures etc. I may not agree with their policies but 10/10 for effort and style. The only other choices I have are for a Green NO THANKS! or a Lib-Dem same and I loathe that party which in any event has never done well in my ward. The incumbent Labour Coumcillor is a clever young man but is a bit too Green for me. When he was in chrage of that function the people in our flats had one of the three paladin bins to serve 18 households sequestered with no consultation by the Council Refuse Department to be a "Green" recycling bin to the detriment of the residents who now have to put ordinary rubbish in to two bins rather than three. If the Council had given us an ADDITIoNAL bin this woould have beeen far better. So I won't be voting for that Labour Councillor although he is certain to hold his seat with an increased amajority. I feel I will have to spoil my Local Election paper and write in "Vote UKIP"

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