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September 13, 2010


It doesn't add up...

How's this going to rank alongside a Tracy Emin, a Henry Moore or a Joseph Turner? I think I'd back the Fighting Temeraire.

Neil Reddin

"because of all those jokers in charge of banks, the government is going to have to make some cuts".

Economics fail. The bankers didn't spend more then they were getting in revenue since 2001 - that was one G Brown ... who also messed up banking regulation.

C H Ingoldby

'No fat left to trim'. Is that meant to be a joke when the UK Film Council has 'diversity consultants' on more than £90,000 per year.

Pardon my language, but SOD THEM. The luvvies enjoying their expense accounts at the taxpayers expense and comments like 'we're crap at most things' in Britain just make me want to punch those self important waste of spaces in the face.

The sooner we cut off those self important pretentious parasites the sooner we will see some real cultural flowering.

A. Stonish

The Arts Council's Turning Point network, reliant on public funding, broadcasts the Arts Council's line.


Erm, This isn't "viral" the Old Spice adverts went viral, this is just a poor youtube video.


On Saturday night I saw a film called "The Girl Who Played With Fire". It is a Swedish film, made entirely in Sweden by Swedish people, and virtually all of the dialogue is in Swedish (with English subtitles).

But before the film started, a screen came up telling us that the film was made possible by National Lottery funding and the UK Film Council.

There's something not quite right there.

Steve Tierney

That video was awful. Just awful. That's the BEST propoganda the arts quangoes can do with all this funding and talent? If so, it just proves the money is better invested elsewhere.

Super Blue

Quite, Steve T. This video is in fact the best case anyone could make for their abolition.


Steve, I'm sure the argument would go that if they had more government funding they could make far better propaganda... and I'm sure Ed Miliband would enthusiastically support that argument.

Ben Stevenson

As already pointed out, this video is a poor advert for the arts getting public subsidy.

The public will pay voluntarily for genuinely good art.

Mr Angry

A truly poor video putting forward truly poor arguments for something that should absolutely the at the head of the queue when cuts are being decided. If your "Art" is so damn great mate then go and get someone who agrees with you to pay for it out of their money, stop expecting the rest of us to fund your lifestyle just because you choose to claim to be an "artist".


If indeed they make more money for the economy than they cost to fund the question surely has to be, why aren't they self sufficient?

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