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August 03, 2010


john parkes

If it is possible, and it seems desirable, for a Party to be in government even when they keep losing elections, why then bother to have elections?
If democracy meand anything at all, this is a dangerous position to take.

Steve Tierney

Quite funny.

West London Tory

I will be voting No to AV, but the video doesn't work in my mind for campaigning for a No vote. I doubt it would chime well with the wider public. Yes, the LDs lost seats this year, but they still have their fair share of voters who believe they should have a say. The video comes across as undemocratic.

It's mildly amusing though - what is Clegg wearing?!


The problem with Tom Harris is he suffers from the delusion that he's much funnier than he is, which makes him annoying even on the occasions he does manage to be funny.

I think that picture of Clegg is when he made a cameo in a local panto.

I'm curious though, at the apparent claim that AV will produce more hung parliaments, this seems to get thrown around a lot without much justification.

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