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November 06, 2009




Carbon Dioxide irrelevant in climate debate says MIT Scientist

"In a study sure to ruffle the feathers of the Global Warming cabal, Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT has published a paper which proves that IPCC models are overstating by 6 times, the relevance of CO2 in Earth’s Atmosphere. Dr. Lindzen has found that heat is radiated out in to space at a far higher rate than any modeling system to date can account for."

C Ingoldby


No wonder people are so disillusioned by politics when there isn't even the illusion of genuine debate and political choice.

The Global Warming lie is just another excuse for taxes, self righteousness and political control of peoples lives.


That fool Hannan is on Fixed News tonight in the states, the topic being:

"Would a global climate change agreement hold US business' hostage?"

Where do you begin? A Brit MEP, on an American news/GOP progandist channel, discussing american companies?? and how climate change will apparently impede the capitalism that they hold so dear.

Is he not elected to represent the British people? Not American corporate interests.....

I thought the conservative party took climate change seriously? I know his views are minority, but he was frontbench only a few days ago.

The sooner the tories withdraw the whip from this slimey creature, the better.

Mr Angry

No Politico, Hannan is fifty times the man, and the elected representative, than Cameron could ever hope to be. He is honest and tells it how it is just for a start, not to mention having genuine principles and sticking to them.

The Conservatives need a lot more Hannan's not less.

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