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October 13, 2009


A Reformed Labour Voter

Mr Irish Journalist, I salute you!!!!!

The facts are often inconvenient eh Mr Gore?
Still, you're baloney has you now $100m+ better off.

Tough if it destroys economies, lives and hamstrings the developing nations. Who cares?
Mr Blair started wars based on lies, reneged on Referendums and is in line to be President of Europe (oh and I believe he's also trying to get a bit of the Climate Change Action as well - now there's a surprise!)

Climate Change - What a load of tosh!

Mark M

Wow dare you, Mr Irish Journalist?

Don't you realise you're not allowed to question global warming? It's against the rules. Just accept, and get on with your life. Oh yeah, the government will be along soon enough to tell you how to do that as well.

John Moss

God this is embarassing.

Of all of us who would like to put some sensible questions about the validity of AGW, this idiot gets the slot and makes a fool of himself!

T.England. Very working class.

I wonder if polar bear saving Al Gore has seen this, it's a MUST SEE!
Saul Griffith: Climate change recalculated


Climate change specifically and the green movement in general is based on a hatred of capitalism (God bless Adam Smith) and I truly believe the outcome of all this worthless pratt is more redistribution of wealth from the people who produce the wealth to the people who want it but do not want to earn it.


And what sensible questions would Mark M ask?


Shame on you Gore! How sickened I am by him and his followers that they have preyed on a fear of the future. Just answer the question. How many times have we seen this in politics. A colossal con trick, only those set to make money and hold power over others with no dissent, no doubting. The Inconvenient questioning must continue! At least one journalist had the guts to ask the blindingly obvious questions.

Don Bee

Ignorance. A chosen state of mentality. Usually, one sees a few subjects w/ an opinion one way and a few w/ an opposing opinion. All of the independent and institutional scientic resultants (plus common sense) and there are those who choose what "evidence" they will accept as to their already preconceived notion of GW. Think about it: 100 million years (+) to "make" oil. We have been burning it for less than 200 yrs. Plus, populating the earth and destroying millions of acres of trees in the last 200 years at a high rate. End of argument, fools.

ed hardy

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We can probably expect tonight's episode to be a lollapalooza. The "death" of Jeremy Bentham has been hanging over our heads since the Season Three finale, when a bereft Jack stood over Bentham's coffin, and we all had to wonder whose body was in there and precisely what Jack was thinking and feeling.

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Rivera would have to give up a lot of the money he's already raised for his Senate bid because it's corporate -- but his donors could give it back to him. But there's also word that strategist Carlos Curbelo may throw his hat in. A little over a year ago, Curbelo lost to Rivera by a sole vote in the race to chair the Miami-Dade Republican Party.

The race could have implications for other races on the ballot: Curbelo is loyal to Senate candidate Charlie Crist; Rivera is tight with his primary challenger Marco Rubio. But they share one thing with the Diaz-Balarts: both are ardent supporters of the embargo against Cuba. Curbelo has never held elected office.

Curbelo called Diaz-Balart the "personification of honorable public service. That's his legacy. Our community is losing a strong voice in Washington but is gaining a private citizen that will continue working for the causes that unite us."

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Go away Ireland we don't need your comments on this movie.

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