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September 06, 2007


Donal Blaney

This ad reminds me of another famous piece to camera...


James Cullis

it time for the RIGHT too take up arms against u


There is nothing I like more than being lectured by children!

Jon Gale

What on Earth has global warming got to do with the number of fish in the sea, destruction of rainforests, clean air or epidemics?

Greenpeace are either deliberately dishonest or ignorant.


This is frighteningly creepy...I love the warm, friendly chatty style which encourages us to think carefully about the issue. The problem these climate change nutters have is that if they don't get their way, they resort to bully-boy tactics. That's not very grown-up, is it?

Andrew Woodman


Andrew Hemsted

All this advert will do is make every sensible person realise that Greenpeace are in effect a bunch of seriel liars.
Anyone who has read any report on fish stocks, rainforests etc know what is said in this advert are simple lies. Go to UN website to get independent figures.
It will also damage the fight against global warming, or rather the part we have in speeding up a naturally occuring process.


And that's supposed to intimidate people into joining Greenpeace? What a silly idea!

Old Hack

Nice lipstick

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