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February 18, 2012


Elaine Turner

'How can any one do this?'.. possibly with greater intellect than Mr Rudd?

Dave B

It reinforces his existing reputation.



Kevin Rudd is awful in private but Juliet Gillard is awful in public.
There are Australians and there are Australians and Gillard is representative of the worst kind.


As one can see he is essentially incoherent and rather silly. Not Ministerial material at all.

Public Sector Worker

Oh my god, the scandal!

Seriously, this is meant to discredit him?


Doubt if it will do him any harm, makes him seem human.
The fact is he trounces Gillard in the polls and
also beats Abbott comfortably, it is a matter of
when not if he returns to the PM role!


it is so sad that a great country and people are run by these idiots.do the auzies know how bad it makes them look.we have all been through this, lefties spending our cash like no tomorrow,they really need a big mirror.

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