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June 14, 2010


Super Blue

I do hope he is up this autumn.

Dontmakemelaugh:  The Cami-Nickers Obama Love-in Party

I think he was mistaken for the CEO of BP. That must have been who he was?


That is the kind of vermin helping Obama to destroy the American Dream and the American way of life.


I can understand why someone might have pressed a complaint about this guy, but portraying him as somehow being representative of Democrat legislators is a bit much.

Richard Allen

Calling it assault is also a bit much.

Ultimo Tiger

It's actually a battery albeit a rather minor one.


is prescott over advising on how to win the next election?

Man in a Shed

The guy's clearly a bit aggressive. No comment, or I'm sorry I don't give ad hoc interviews, would have done it okay.

He's also a bit daft to sound off at someone armed with a video camera. Clearly not the sharpest tool in the box.


The moment he didn't let go of his arm when requested to do so is the moment he committed a crime.

Democrats, scratch the surface and they are all nasty pieces of work.

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