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May 14, 2010


Edith Rayment

Someone should explain to him the difference between a Continent and a Country.


Freudian slip.

That's the Bilderberg plan. And Cameron and Clegg are both just as in on it.

Mr Ben

- and look at his sleeves! He's clearly been getting public-speaking tips from David Cameron...:-D

It doesn't add up...

It's probably as well he doesn't understnad when Wen Jiabao talks about provinces like the USA.


Oh for christ's sake! Please! This is so so boring! He said "like" instead of "in"! What an outrage!

Were all Liberals Now.

Very petty.

John B Sheffield

It often amazes me how little some must have to do, finding time to find any petty fault they can find on people!


Countries can be like Europe.


Considering how Obama has run roughshod over state's rights in the United States it would be no surprise to discover he admires how the European Union has done the same with member states rights.


When is Tim Montgomerie going to finish his list of The Ten Things Bush Got Right? He got to three before giving up.


Is anyone seriously proposing he doesn't know the difference between a continent and a country? Of course he bloody does. It's not Sarah Palin we're talking about. It was a slip.

Ultimo Tiger

And people wonder why the phrase coined by the Home Secretary sticks to us.........


If this had have been Bush- imagine the ridicule from the learned left and their mates at the BBC.

Oh no, not again

This country does not like Europe.


Well, he did think that there were 57 states in the USA, and people spoke Austrian in Austria.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I have some admiration for President Obama and he ain't stupid. To him with the vast country he governs I suppose Europe DOES look like a Country and counties like ours are like one of his States. Also he may be giving prophetic utterance as we will now slowly but surely be more and more absorbed into the EU with nobody now to stop the relentless slide. Whether this is down to the Bilderbergs or or some other organistaion I know not but it is the way things will now be going, unless of course the EU gets too big and implodes.

Steve Tierney

For those who are calling this "petty". Hold on. Fair's fair. If George Bush had said this he would have been relentlessly mocked. What's good for the goose...

Josef from America

Europe is now a country with many nations. Great going EU.

No fan of Obama though. HUGE Heather "Newsbrooke" Brooke gaga, go-girl-go fanatic :-).

Oh no, not again

If the EU's Europe is a country, then it is a dictatorship.

Ian E

If it had been Bush, the lefties would be screaming against his stupidity!

Bedd Gelert

Europe IS a country - why do you think they refer to the 'countries' as nation STATES ??

This is all very deliberate. So when we have global government we don't 'notice' a change...

Bedd Gelert

I'm actually slightly surprised that the chief one-worlder Chris Patten hasn't been brought back into Cabinet.

But there is yet time...

Ultimo Tiger

The term nation state has been around for a very long time.

So cut the conspiracy bullshit.

Ben Stevenson

There are signs that Barack Obama would like Europe to just be one country.

"Analysts say that there is a strong impression in Washington that the Europeans have wasted the chance offered by Lisbon to streamline their diplomacy and foreign-policy structures."

Few people would suggest that the USA streamline its foreign policy structures wit Mexico, because they are clearly separate countries.

I think this is most likely a slip of the tongue, rather than a sign that Barack Obama does not understand the difference between a country and a continent. However, many people are not so charitable with Sarah Palin, even though her alleged mistake of Africa being a country is based on an anonymous smear, rather than a video recording.

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