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December 14, 2009


George Kaplan

Oh dear!

David Sergeant

The man's a fool and it looked obvious at the time on telly.


I'm no fan of Gordon Brown but it was just a silly mistake that could be easily made


A criticism more of politicians than Brown as they default to shaking people's hands without really wanting to do it.


Brown has terrible eyesight. There is a video of him on youtube where they are behind the scenes of a morning show. It was startling to see how bad it was. There was a guy with a camera and Brown was walking straight ahead and bumped into him. His eyesight is so bad they have to englarge reading for him. I also noticed when he had a discussion with the women's group he was one of the only ones not to type the answer back. I imagine he can't type because of his eyesight. I am not a Brown fan but on this I give him a break because he acts like he is legally blind even though he says he has good sight in one eye.

Patsy Sergeant

Jason you should give us the link to the other youtube video.


For Conservative Home to have shown this says more about them that it does Gordon Brown.

To loose one's eyesight is terrible, to try and make capitol out of it is low, despicable and spite in it's cruellest form.

Shame on you, has this site lost all sense of decency, is this the type of things Conservatives would mock if ever getting elected?

No one and I mean no one can help going blind!!!!

Tom FD

Either his eyesight does not affect his ability to do his job, as he often claims, or it is so poor that it does. He can't have it both ways. (Although frankly he is so poor at his job anyway I doubt very much of it is down to eyesight.)

D Ledbetter

The man is a laughing stock.


What's Gordoom's eyesight got to do with the fact that no serviceman is ever going to drop out of a salute to shake hands, high-five, slap backs or perform any other form of greeting with anyone, period.

The man is on parade, for goodness sakes! It's not a garden party. Comments about eyesight are irrelevant and red herrings.


Oh save it Praetorian with the sympathy for Broon.

Brown's MOD went to court to try and stop payments to injured soldiers.

Brown wouldn't give the resources for years to upgrade vehicles away from the landrovers.

Brown was for the Iraq war while his stooges call it Blair's war. Brown had Jack Straw veto the Iraq war minutes because they show Brown being for the war.

Brown flooded this country with massive immigration just to tick off the tories.

Yet the latest poll shows Labour within single digits.

Which means lib dems and labour forming a coalition and changing the voting system.

Brown and labour are now going to pass a law to change the voting system within the next 18 months.

All this sympathy for Broon is nauseating. I am so sick of it. The waves of sympathy after the SUN article. Broon has treated troops like garbage.



You hold on a minute pal before you go any further. I detest Gordon Brown and all he stands for and I am not a fan of Cameron either, I prefer the Thatcher's of this world IOW real Conservatism.

Having said all that, to take the "Mick" out of near blindness is absolutely despicable, low and disgusting and as the seventh son of a seventh son Romany, I put a curse on you Giorgio to find out for yourself what it feels like, the hard way!!!


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