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August 03, 2009


Victor, NW Kent

A soldier's solution.

Span Ows

Great. The phone had clearly disobeyed orders more than once.


Victor, exactly what I thought. Practical, I can't make it stop so get it out of the situation pronto.

Phil Kean

I rest my case

Our top Generals have trouble even turning off their mobile phones - and yet we take their opinions into consideration when we plan the procurement of multi-billion pound defence orders?

Maybe his phone wasn't - 'a cracking good piece of kit'.

Klaus Jurgens, Member Conservatives Abroad

Would it not have been better to switch it off before sitting down? I have witnessed students who do the same - leaving their mobile phones on when coming to class!

What happened to good old-fashioned 'mobile etiquette'?

Got a meeting or face to face discussion? Switch the thing off!

I never leave it on when working, lecturing, talking to someone etc. By all means leave it on but in silent mode so that you can rush to collect your messages during tea break.

Unless you are an estate agent or policeman/medical carer no call can be that important. Most are private anyhow!


I love have Stephanie just carried on talking like a well trained BBC machine...

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