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October 23, 2010



If only the French protested and rioted against the colonisation and islamisation of their country by third world immigration.

They care more about the raise in retirement age by two years than their continued existence as a European first-world society. It really is mind-blowing once you think about it. I'm not saying England's any less decadent by the way.

michael mcgough

I trust Cameron and Osborne don't feel they've got away with taking away the pensions of fairly imminent female retirees.

Clearly with their bloated wealth Dave and Gideon don't need to do retirement planning but they've sure fecked up the plans of working females over 50.
Like elephants they won't forget.


Richard - I seem to remember Le Pen beat the left-wing candidate to face Chirac in 2002 with a vote Nick Griffin could only dream of, so they are hardly ignoring it!

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