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August 20, 2010



Excellent news that it looks like Labour have won. They deserve there re-election as they like Gordon Brown`s government did well at stearing there country through a very deep global recession without it becoming a depression.

bernard Otway

I wish JCS would learn to spell THEIR instead of THERE,and also in commenting on the aussie labour party possibly winning,to compare it to this labour party under brown is to misunderstand Australia and Australians completely.THERE,THEIR choice is between two parties more like the choice Americans get ,another remark is that John Howard created a vibrant economy that Rudd took over and then look where they are now,NO different to 1997 when liebor under Bambi took over an economy in robust health and over 13 years proceeded to trash it,saddling us with this enormous DEBT.In Australian matters
I speak with experience having myself been a £10 Pom living there
for 3 years and visiting many times since

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