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May 01, 2009


David Galea

Kevin Rudd should be a Greenpeace member not the leader of a country.

disgruntled voter

After spending a month holiday in Aus it was like watching the new labour experiment. social engineering, money for junkies and a benefits system like ours that will always benefit the workshy layabouts who have no intention of working constantly reffering to Brown and obama as economic magicians and we can see what Brown has done to our country with 12 years of mismanagement on the economy and billions wasted on social engineering projects to try and gain votes (Crew should not be forgoten for there attempt at a class war )The Aus labour party use the same rhetoric to try and discredit any opposition.I come from an area where i can easilly be classed as the only Tory in the village and heve seen through this lot from day one as Brown Blair et all were at the Scottish equivalent of Eton

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