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February 22, 2009



Kevin Rudd appears to be a charmless former civil servant uttering platitudinous soundbites and devoid of any leadership skills or character

Paul M

Rudd was a diplomat, used to swanning around cocktail parties serving up platitudes without having to deliver anyone any tangible value or results. Now, as PM, he is being held to account and failing miserably. He picks fights that didn't need to be picked (slashing carers' payments, ejecting Telstra from the Broadband tender over silly technicalities, lying about a conversation with Bush) that end up making him look silly and childish. Probably the most cringeworthy was his undergraduate essay in the Monthly, having a whinge about capitalism.

Likely to be Australia's worst ever PM, he is an incompetent administrator (strange, for a bureaucrat), has no ideas or vision, governs by subcommittee, review and working party, and doesn't even have the message or gravitas of the current reigning worst PM, Gough Whitlam.

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