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August 20, 2013



Who is paying the legal fees for David Maranda?
Answer - the awful Guardian Newspaper - the enemy within.


So a journalist who may have some inconvenient information is now regarded as a terrorist by Cameron's regime. That doesn't really chime with the pledge to "end the surveillance state" etc which he made prior to the elections.

Victor Southern

Expect him to lose as his case is not more than vexatious. I hope we are not paying for his legal representation.


Why do journalists expect special treatment under the law?
Normally they apparently have special consideration by the police over and above what is applicable to the general public.
These particular journalists and the awful Guardian Newspaper are the enemy within and are only concerned with doing harm to Britain.

Not Blue Labour

I truly hope that he loses and gets stuck with both sides costs.

This whole matter is a storm in a teacup deliberately overinflated by the appalling Guardian and their totally biased mates at the BBC who badly need a distraction to try to divert public attention away from their own very serious misdeeds.


Mr Miranda is milking this for all it's worth, saying that he was questioned about his "whole life", that he was subjected to "psychological violence", that he is a broken man, etc. He doesn't claim, on the other hand, that he was subjected to any kind of deprivation, or was not given food, for example. I wonder if the Guardian will now take up the case of every foreigner who is detained and questioned by the British police, or if their outrage only extends to the boyfriends / girlfriends of their staff.

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