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June 23, 2013


Kebab Time

Hi Con Home it seems someone forgot to hat-tip the video again :)

Victor Southern

The NUT is against....

Elaine Turner

Grrrrr! Typical left wing gattling gob! Always on transmit, totally oblivious to the fact that we haven't got the dosh to do all that she wants. Where do we send these people to give them a good dose of reality? You listen to people like her and think of the old maxim... those who can do, those who can't...

James Matthews

Did she undergo formal training in finger wagging or is it just natural aptitude?

True Bred Pomponian

Is that a UKIP tie that Neil is wearing?


It really is scary that the teachers responsible for our children's education have elected this monster to lead them.


The reported salary with perks for Christine Blower is £140,000 per year.
The NUT pay her a salary equivalent to that paid to the Prime Minister.
Champagne socialist or what.

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