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May 02, 2013



When will he be pushing for independence? And is he supporting Scottish independence? Of course the south produces more. It has more jobs and companies based here. If all the banks relocated to Aberystwyth, I'm sure the output of the whole of Wales would increase.

Does anyone really take him seriously?

It doesn't add up...

So rich foreigners are finally paying some tax?

How about the benefits bill for the poor ones? London gets more spending per head even than Scotland.

Boycott the fat liar

Conhome should have nothing to do with this man. Stop giving him publicity. He should be boycotted. I notice he no longer appears on Question Time and his Telegraph column was pulled within a week. That's what happens when you blame people for their own deaths and get found out.


Let me explain why I think this is total horsesh*t.

Many of the high paying jobs in London only exist because of low paid workers elsewhere. Just as an example, where would the executives at Sainsburys head office in Holborn be without checkout operators in the North East, Wales and everywhere else in the country?

Another example? In Canary Wharf you'll find the hq of Barclays. But how could that exist with branches in Aberdeen or Abervergenny? Where would the top journalists in the London based press be without the newsagents elsewhere in the country, or the working people who buy their papers

And so on and so on......


Kelvin who?


Kelvin MacKenzie is making a good point and southerners are doing a great deal to support the economy.
The Conservative led government must not take all these people for granted.


I thought the Tory Party was the Southern Party? Otherwise Kelvin I am sure if you set one up and led it the voters would flock to it!

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