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March 14, 2013



On the day the new Chinese leader takes office and Conhome wastes time on this, to paraphrase Stalin. 'How many contracts does the Pope have'


Just the Roman Empire scamming its tribute this time concentrating on South America. Talk about human self delusion. 115 rather fat elderly guys just looking after the money making con trick that is and always has been the Vatican. Open your eyes folks. You are being ripped off by a superstitious nonsense plus its money
laundering/criminal? bank.


I wonder what his relationship with the junta was in the 1970s? Given the vaticans attitude towards the nazis tacit approval comes to mind.


Grumble000 - The Pope has more Catholics than the Chinese Present has Chinese on a global basis

William Pimm

The new Pope has said that the Falklands (Malvinas) belong to Argentina. Until now I had no idea that God had a view on this controversy.

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