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March 15, 2013


Jimminy Wicket

Eric Joyce needs help as he has a serious problem with anger management!

Elaine Turner

I wonder what has gone so wrong with Eric Joyce's life that he has taken to drink and belligerence?

Denis Cooper

Maybe some of his constituents would like to get up a petition forcing him to resign so that they can have a fresh election and possibly choose somebody else as their representative.

Oh wait, they can't do that yet, because the coalition hasn't got round to introducing that "recall" law.

And even if that "recall" law had been passed in the diluted form now proposed, they'd still have to wait for other MPs to decide whether their MP had behaved so badly that his constituents should be allowed to get up a petition forcing him to resign so that they could have a fresh election ...

That's Cameron's idea of "direct democracy".


Joyce is obviously a very sick man, and should be receiving treatment. The HofC is a place of work its time those bars were closed. His constituents are obviously not being served, he should resign and a by-election called.

JHV Prendergast

I understand he was a bloody nuisance when in the Army. Not a proper Officer.


Ans.jimminy wicket

The current Pro EU political scene.


To be honest, I don't suppose his constituents would particularly mind him getting drunk and thumping a Tory.

The man clearly does need some sort of help, though.

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