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February 01, 2013



What would ConHome do if it got it's wish of a world without the BBC? At least 40% of the site's content is links to BBC produced and hosted videos.

Lindsay Jenkins

Avaaz is well known, though the BBC may have just caught up. It is not left leaning, it is extremely left wing. But I suppose it depends where your starting point is!

christina Speight

Can't make it work - it says "Media selection request failed"


Some of us have known of Avaaz for a few years now; the BBC is a bit slow off the mark to say the least!. Quite a number of their campaigns have been reasonable, but not in past times; they've become knee-jerk reactions and highly emotional. A recent article of theirs professing utter and total support for the European Union----despite admitting that it was corrupt--- has caused me and many others to withdraw support for any more of their petitions.
Protecting the planet's bees and similar petitions is fine, but it's clear they're herding their supporters down the same socialist roads as the BBC. They are best avoided now.

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