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December 03, 2012


George Lees

Will Cameroon's legislation to change the sucession to the thrones get there in time - and will it get passed in Australia and Canada without causing them to become republics? Could Cameron go down in history as disestablishing the C of E and creating two new republics - and I thought he was having no impact!


Great, next a removal on the ban on RC's marrying a Royal, then ending the absurdity of a head of state being head of the church, a church in which the present Prince of Wales couldn't even get married in. Then when Queenie goes to the great throne room in the sky a referendum on which Royal if any to take over, (first four) and a tick box if you'd like a republic.


Can someone please explain to me why a first born girl should feel any more aggrieved at being “cut out” of succession to the throne than any other of Her Majesty’s Subjects?

I have yet to hear an argument for gender equality in succession laws except via the principle of gender equality more broadly which is, in turn, one aspect of a broader principle: "equality before the law".

Any kind of monarchy is a derogation from strictly defined “Equality before the Law", but such a derogation is acceptable so long as both Monarch and the Majority of Subjects consider it to be acceptable.

The point of succession laws is that they are ancient, deterministic and prescriptive. To extend the principle of Equality into areas which, by definition, are (rightly, by general agreement and logical imperative) not governed by considerations of equality seems to be folly of the highest order.


While it is true that there is virtually no other area of Law where we accept discriminate in favour of Second Born Males over First Born Females there are equally few (perhaps fewer) places where we accept discrimination against Second Born Males in favour of First Born Females. Kingship/Queenship is an exception, and it will continue to be an exception in one direction or another whatever Parliament decides to do.

I’m praying that they have a boy now, or else that they have only girls.


Ban on Marrying a Roman Catholic could go without any problem. Of course Queen/King must remain an Anglican.


Prince of Wales certainly could get married in current CofE. The only impediment to his doing so: his own good manners.

Mystic Merv

Great news - 12 months of sycophancy and over-use of adjectives.

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