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October 12, 2012


John Bull

Great. Well deserved. Just shows how tiny the little anti-EU brigade is. The EU is 27 nations, the richest, best, kindest, most literate, most educated, most intelligent group of human beings on the face of the planet. Watch the small minded sneerers now spew out their irrelevant bile


Presumably "John Bull" is Herman van Rompuy in disguise: still resolutely refusing to accept that the Earth is not flat as the PIIGS descned even deeper into the dogma-ridden abyss....

Michael mcgough

This,votes for 16 year old school kids and Dave's £50 million to teach children about the 1st World War is ominous.
Brochures at tourist offices in France near war graves describe the war as a CIVIL WAR IN EUROPE.
Our children will be programmed to believe the EU not NATO is the peacekeeper..

This is creepy,most especially the timing.

Malcolm Dunn

Ah 'John Bull' , the lefty who claims to be a Tory. Readers should read his post in that context.


They've obviously "purchased" the award from the Nobel Committee.....no-one in their right minds would award the EU a peace prize, with all the riots going on in the southern Med. These psychopaths are insulting the entire population of Europe, laughing out loud and proclaiming themselves as Peacemakers......oh God what a farce. It's beyond comprehension. And another thing....what will they spend their prize money on? More luxury marinas or holiday homes for the "hard-working" commissioners?

Dave Hollins MBA

What a nasty, spiteful response from idiots like Callanan MEP, lapped up by the UKIppers? What's the matter? Nothing nice to say, but prefer to spread xenophobic messages of hate, while pretending that Uk will be fine on its own - much like it WASN'T in either World War.

EU: Brought together western Europe from the ashes of WW2 and then provided the political and economic solidity to enable eastern European states to transition away from communism, creating a community of 500m. The organisation has justifiably been recognised for this.

UKIP, Callanan, ConHome, Little Britainers and others: Spreading messages of hate with nothing constrictive to offer or say.


Dave, if you think that the EU has created economic solidity, I can only assume you acquired your MBA in a raffle and are still on your gap-yah. Isn't it time you came up with some better adjectives than regurgitating the usual worn-out list of abuse?

Roger Helmer MEP

The inventor of dynamite has brought forth a damp squib. This devalues the Nobel Prize -- and sends an absurd and risible message about recent European history.

True Bred Pomponian

And there was me hoping that this would be Queenie's year. Sixty years in the saddle seems worthy of international recognition.

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