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October 20, 2012



Have the Taxpayers Alliance revealed who funds them yet?

Elaine Turner

What an ill mannered lout Owen Jones is.. just like many of his compatriots on the left. He wasn't listening to Matthew Sinclair, that is for sure.


Owen Jones needs to look at a bit of recent history. Labour brought in the system of paying private landlords high rents and it started by giving asylum seekers £1million homes in London and then it just escalated from there. Then Labour didn't build anything like the amount of houses, social or private, that it should have. It also brought in a system of locally determined housing benefit. In the disadvantaged area I worked in the rent for a one bedroom flat was around £80 but they were given a LHA of £95 for their rent allowing them to keep the £15. Therefore they were getting a £15 a week rise in benefits. It did cause a bit of a stir amongst the hardworking low paid residents because they would have loved another £780 a year in order to bring up their families. Why were they low paid? because Labour's minimum wage brought down wages for people who had been earning a reasonale wage beforehand. Maybe Owen needs to get out a bit more and instead of going on Union marches he should visit some disadvantaged areas to see how people live because of Labour.

As for there not being enough full time jobs in this country I imagine that he is aware that Labour spent all the money and that there was a banking crash because Labour didn't regulate the banks properly and that Labour left this country's finances in a terrible state?

Elaine Turner

I thought it quite interesting that that Matthew Sinclair was reasoned and thoughtful and Owen Jones was just like a Labour gattling gob. It doesn't matter whether it is true or not, lets just get it out there regardless!


Matthew Sinclair is a fool. The claim that government stimulus can counter recession is not a claim that any amount of spending can do so. If national output fell by 5%, and the government increased spending by 0.000001%, this would clearly not counter alternative contractionary effects. The issue in contention is not whether or not government is spending, but whether the government is spending *enough*. He then goes on to complain that taxes are too high - which from the Keynesian perspective, is essentially the same thing as low spending. The problem in the economy is a dearth of spending (and investment in particular). The prescription for increased government spending is based on the assumption that the private sector alone will not invest sufficiently to produce growth - a diagnosis which has been confirmed since.


The name meant nothing to me but now I see him I recognise the argumentative youth with the non-stop mouth and grating, piercing voice.

I have seen him 4 or 5 times interrupting anyone else who dares to speak. He has little to say and says it often.


he is a legend in his own mind, and there is plenty of space there

Malcolm Dunn

If Own Jones becomes a regular pundit for the left God help the left. I doubt he'll deliver any new converts.
I watched Milliband's speech.He deserves some credit for antagonising the union brothers by saying he wouldn't reverse all the governments spending plans but then when he went onto to say what he would do it was the lightest of lightweight speeches. Apparantly a tax on bankers bonus's will pay not only to cure unemployment among the young but will enable the government to pay for 100,000 new homes. It's crap like this that gets politics a bad name in this country.

John x

Why anybody would be interested in what Owen Jones has to say is beyond me. He is a know nothing twit that seems to be on so many BBC programmes to support their left wing leanings.

Man in a Shed

One day Owen Jones will listen to himself and realise he doesn't make sense. He's an angry man with a narrow world view who lets his anger prevent any understanding of the reality around him.

He clearly enjoys his private fantasy world - its just annoying when its allowed to leak out to the rest of us via the media.


What an irritating little twit this Owen Jones is. He's a dinosaur - surprising for someone so young. Just why does he think he speaks for the working class - his media "luvie" life bears no resemblance whatsoever to that of ordinary people!

It seems to me politics is going to be changing quite a lot over the next decade as populations across the world have to accept the reality that smaller government is inescapable because the money just isn't there to do otherwise. In an age of great techological change, we are going to have harness this to do more with less. Whilst we may not have otherwise taken this route, we could come out of this reinvigorated and well placed for the future. I think there are those that get this and some like Owen Jones, and his Trades Union cronnies, that don't.

To say, as Brendan Barber did, that no cuts whatsoever were acceptable was so staggeringly economically illiterate that it took my breath away. He clearly doesn't "get it"!

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