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October 15, 2012



Give it up, USA. Let this man alone and let him live a life; he has enough difficulties as it is. If your security systems had been good enough, no-one would have hacked them. Ten years, for God's sake, and nothing decided; this man has been through a ten-year sentence already.

John x

Will May send over Gary McKinnon to the USA the decision will be made tomorrow. Clegg was a staunch supporter of McKinnon while in opposition, he has since been criticised by the 46-year-old's mother for failing to help her once he was in government.
This could be another big mistake for the Conservative party and show we are America’s poodles to send British born and bred to a terrible fate.
Ms May might show we really are the nasty party as she gave us that tag in the first place.
At the moment, "probable cause" has to be shown before a UK request for extradition of an American citizen will be granted. The reciprocal test for Britons is "reasonable suspicion".

Abolish the EAW and limit US extradition

Gary M is a British citizen, he’s in Britain, he is alleged to have committed crimes while physically located in Britain. Britain should insist that he is tried in Britain. The same was true for Babur Ahmed but two wrongs don’t make a right.

James Sutherland

CDR: Remember the ten year delay was almost entirely of his own making, dragging the process out with every stalling tactic in the book as he bounced the case to court after court in hopes of escaping trial. If he'd just accepted the initial ruling and stood trial (and presumably been convicted or plead guilty, given his confession!), he'd probably have been back home a free man by now, sentence served.

John: The distinction between "probable cause" and "reasonable suspicion" is rather academic in a case where the suspect has already confessed to it!

Abolish: The crime, though, was targeted specifically at US computers. If an American had sabotaged British computers, would you want him to stand trial here, or get away with it because an American prosecutor isn't interested?


As he was able to hack into the USA`s secrets they should have offered him a job instead of prosecuting him

Mystic Merv

The tories as well as the Lib Dems, were very supportive of not extraditing McKinnon. Yet more hypocrisy and u-turns from the nasty party.


He has admitted to committing a crime - one which both an offence in the UK and in the US.

The delay has been due to him struggling to avoid a fair trial. Clegg's bandwagon posturing hasn't helped speed the course of justice either.

Put him on the plane and let a jury decide.

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