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September 20, 2012



Some headmasters have said that the pupil premium of £600 per child who are on free school meals has made little or no difference.
These headmasters should be ashamed as they have not used the money for the benefit of these children.
The government should withdraw the money from these schools and sack the headmasters who show such lack of ability and imagination.


I didn't know these children went to school with a little bag of extra cash tied around their necks. I am genuinely interested to hear how individually applied pupil premiums are supposed to work.


The schools receive the pupil premium, and those in charge of ensuring it goes where it should are meant to be responsible adults.

I have said before, the reason there is so much screaming going on by teachers & teaching unions is down to the dismal quality of some teachers, who have hidden behind the good teachers for over a decade. Many head teachers unable to get rid of the dead legs because of union 'outrage'.
So some other poor sucker is lumped with useless bods who, let's be honest here, would struggle in their local supermarket.

Then you have the previous Labour lot, who insisted everything was fine & pupils were getting fantastic results, only for the pupils to find out their education was a crock.

In Wales, the teachers,the leaders & the teaching unions continue to betray their pupils by the re grading stunt, and when those pupils come into direct competition with others later in life, they are in for the same disappointment many up & down the country have experienced.

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