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September 02, 2012


John Prendergast Springbrook, Audmore,Gnosall, Staffs, ST20 0HFl

Why hurry?Hhe should be kept in Ecuadorian Embassy for at least as long as a rape sentence would get him in Sweden plus an extra four years for contempt of court because of jumping bail.


Stay strong, Julian Assange. If the Swedish authorities really do want to ask you some questions relating to rape allegations, there is no reason why they can not ask while you are safely in the embassy, as you have offered.

As for wikileaks - keep up the good work even though the USA wants to put you on trial and execute you for it!

Curious Cabbages

József Mindszenty stayed at the US Embassy in Budapest for 15 years. Which would be ironic in Assange's case given that the maximum sentence for the crimes he is accused of are around half that length.

@Lewis: Assange is not wanted for questioning. He is wanted for arrest. So if Assange is willing to let the Swedes arrest him inside the Embassy, that would be reasonable. But for Assange to demand that Sweden rewrite its criminal procedures just for him is not. I see no reason why Assange should get special treatment just because he is a celebrity. Assange is accused of grave offences. It is not for him to direct how the Swedes conduct their investigation.


What has Ecuador ever done for this country?
What has Assange ever done for this country?
Answer - absolutely nothing.
The people who support the accused rapist Assange are probably the ones that supported the killer Raoul Moat - some of these people are sick themselves.

Malcolm Dunn

I hope the British police prevent Assange leaving the embassy for as long as it takes. Hopefully his life in the embassy is an absolute misery.

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