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September 03, 2012


Paris Claims

The greens are commies.

Edward Huxley

She sounds like an Australian. Nothing wrong with that, I have relations there, but if she is I suggest she goes back and tries to convert the Australians. We have more than our share of the greens.


I’m impressed actually. She came across as honest, and advocating a sincerely held set of beliefs.

Utterly bonkers and totally wrong on everything of course, but can you imagine if the two main parties were UKIP and the Greens, two distinctly different parties offering a clear choice for the electorate.

Instead we have 2.5 main parties all offering the same failed policies.


completely nuts


Edward - The Australian Greens got 13% of the vote at the last election!


Completely nuts to inbreeding tory nazis and brain-dead NuLab neo-con cunts.

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