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August 19, 2012


Cleethorpes Rock

Assange is an idiot and a weirdo who should have his day in a Swedish Court, but he (and his grandstanding hosts) wouldn't have had one tenth of the publicity if Hague hadn't recklessly threatened to storm the Ecuadorian embassy.

We should have just told Ecuador and Sweden to sort it out behind closed doors. Without the big bad Colonialist Brits to dig in against and with Assange becoming a pain in the arse, the Ecuadorians would soon have got fed up and turfed him out onto the streets into the arms of Knacker of the Yard, or they'd have squirreled him away to Ecuador where the CIA would have snatched him or blown him up with an exploding teleprompter or something.

Instead, we've made an empty threat, put in danger our embassies around the world, created a media circus around an oddball and by making such a pompous and high-handed demand of a small country from a region with a track record of enjoying defying Western demands, made it LESS LIKELY that they'll turn him over to the Swedes.

If I can see that, why can't all the highly paid advisers in the FCO see it?

Robert DMML

OH Dear! Time to bite finger nails and quail before the might and right of some of the South American, High and Human Rights minded Socialist, free speech and US hating governments. Go get him Hague before Humble Junior returns.

Malcolm Shykles

There was no rape. It was the revenge of two jealous girlfriends



I tend to agree with what Malcolm Shykles says above. It is obvious to anyone that the US government is also seeking revenge.

Anybody who thinks that we should be its poodle is unpatriotic.

I hope Assange ends up in Equador.


Cleethorpes Rock - you sound so negative about Britain and the government and frightened of Ecuador and Mr Assange.
Mr Hague at least had the courage of his convictions and did not want to pass the problem onto somebody else Ecuador/Sweden.
Assange is an odd ball, Ecuador for some unknown reason is playing at international politics and meanwhile a suspected rapist escapes justice by paying many thousands of pounds to appeal court decisions and then defies the law.
Have some courage and support the law that we all have to adhere to.

Cleethorpes Rock

Robert, I'm no cheerleader for Ecuador or Assange, but form a purely practical point of view, if we can't respect the integrity of an Embassy, no-matter how backward the country, we can't expect to complain of get any sympathy when other countries threaten our embassies. During the cold war, there were far more serious figures holed up in embassies and we didn't make half the noise. The Chinese didn't storm in to snatch Chen Guangchen the other month, yet we're sounding like a banana republic because Ecuador want to host some creep to thumb their noses at the world, and we've just played right into their hands and given them the attention they wanted. I'd leave Ecuador and Assange to enjoy each other's company- they deserve one another, but we don't have a dog in this race.


Bugger the EU and bugger the US.
Put 2 bobbies on the front door and 2 bobbies on the back door of the Ecuadorian embassy and forget it. Forget it completely.


"we're sounding like a banana republic": no sounding about it; it's back to the 70s, crisis what crisis etc (except this time the toffs are in charge (more's the pity)). Only problem is we haven't got glam rock to cheer us up.


Let’s be honest. If we’d had any choice about whether to extradite this man we probably would have chosen not to. The awful EU arrest warrant binds our hands and that fact that we have a good excuse not to extradite him is serendipitous.

Paul Scott

Let's face it, it smacks of Tory hypocrisy. We bum-lick America. When we want to 'show the world' we come out with all this tripe. Fair enough, if Assange is guilty of rape, ok (But I doubt it). But we give asylum to all and sundry who DON'T deserve it (i.e. I broke a fingernail in Kurdistan and now I want UK benefits, I have a criminal record, but that's ok, I can't be deported due to my rights being infringed on a 'right to family life'). As I say, hypocrisy of the worst order.

Malcolm Dunn

All these experts like the anti-Semite Shykles, Henry Mayhew and Paul Scott who think the Swedes have got it completely wrong by accusing Assange of rape. Any of them got any evidence for their assertions. Do they also think the moon is made of cheese?

Elaine Turner

I am with Malcolm Dunn on this one.. pity the tape ran out before we learned what he was going to give in exchange for his 'demands' which I am sure will be duly .. not met.

He is an arrogant little self pleasurer - I hope he lives to rue the day he decided to throw his lot in with Ecuador.


Apalling, a man wanted for rape questioning trying to dictate terms.

Ross J Warren

Let him be, we have no duty to hand him over to the cowboys. Let him go live in Ecuador, and let him look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Let's not do anything unnecessary or rash. Hague must make it plain that we will honor all the niceties of diplomacy.


Apart from being wanted in Sweden (and none of us can judge whether the alleged crime was actually committed), Assange jumped bail in the UK, which is a crime of itself. Do any of his supporters not find it strange that Assange looked for sanctuary to a country run by a dictator with little regard for freedom of speech (but who is facing an election shortly, hence the need for sabre-rattling etc)?

Elaine Turner

In response to Ross - I hardly think that the Swedes are cowboys. In fact, on a scale of cowboyism, I would put the Swedes very low and the Ecuadorians rather high.

I agree with you that Hague has to make it quite clear that we will honour the principle tenet of Embassy being sovereign land, as it should be with all Embassies the world over.


Assange, Putin's ass licker (his employer) and now running from rape questioning to a country with highly dubious freedom of speech. And he stands up and goes on at us about freedom of speech!


To sjm 3 posts above: you describe Ecuador as "a country run by a dictator" and then "who is facing an election shortly, hence the need for sabre-rattling etc".

What a strange form of 'dictatorship' where the 'dictator' has to face election and needs to think of campaign tricks to help him win!


Yeah,let Robert be.

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