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August 01, 2012


Amber Astron Christo

Excuses, excuses....The Olympics has been driven by the Global agenda:the benefits of world-wide corporations to the fore. Small British businesses and many real sport's fans have missed out. The stress before the start of the Games, on security and the seeming paranoia about possible terrorist attack, appeared to be aimed to deliberately put people off attending. Perhaps that explains why there are so many non-attenders in the freebie seats?
Real sports fans have had to pay inflated prices, or miss out on tickets all together: shameful! The British Public have been taxed three times over for these Games, and then businesses have been insulted today and told that if they are not making money, it is because of their own marketing failure. The athletes taking part, and army brought in at the last minute after coming back from Afganistan, all deserve a medal, but the propaganda that has accompanied these Games is worthy of any country led by either a Right/Left wing dictator, and demeans the original Olympic message.

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