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August 16, 2012



Redwood not impressed.

The Department of Health has rejected comments by John Redwood, who has called on the Government to shelve proposals for a cap on elderly care contributions.

In a paper, the former Tory minister described the plans as expensive and not value for money. "The cost will go mainly towards protecting the inheritances of better-off families," he said. "It is difficult to see this is a priority at a time of need for spending restraint."

Perhaps he and Mr Dilnot would like to go onto the Today programmme ade discuss it, could be interesting!


The family home should be passed down to the younger family members to provide a home and accommodation for them rather than selling it up so that people on benefits can be looked after free by the state in old age.
Redwood sees things through the eye of an economist with no regard for what is right or proper.

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