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August 21, 2012


Ross J Warren

This makes sense, but only council owned houses. The Housing associations cannot be compelled to sell their stock, it belongs to a charity, it's not for the government to dictate to housing associations.

It's all very well saying only a third of people living in Social housing work, a lot of those who do not are disabled, are we turning our backs on this group yet again.

Harry Hill

What a most unattractive person.

Sir Ob

I must admit my first thought was he looks like a caricature of a typical rural Tory.


Wrong image! Many who see this, will instinctively react against this person and therefore the message. If Policy Exchange want to convince people of this suggested policy on councul housing, then they should either change the spokesman or insist on much more media-friendly clothes. It shows astonishing naivety.

Ross J Warren

I am certain he is a perfectly decent man, but yes I agree he needs a little make over. There was a time when we knew how to win elections and how to present ourselves. The long years in opposition seem to have dulled our edge, more than a little. Dare I say, we need to be far slicker in our approach.
As I said at the start, I am certain he is a perfectly decent bloke, but he looks like a money man, a banker or an insurance salesman, first impressions count.


I like Harry, but I wouldn't let him on TV again until he's lost 3 stone and had a trip to Gieves for a new suit.


Why are we letting people like this on TV to represent the Conservative party.

He is a caricature of everything people hate about a certain kind of Tory.

Michael mcgough

Start deporting illegal immigrants in large numbers that should free up a few houses

Andrew Smith

The whole problem is that the state subsidises houses instead of providing a living wage" to people. If the latter were adopted people could find their own homes at market rate.

The state and the political class likes to control housing so it keeps a client base and an excuse for a big state.

Tim Williamson

The low-cost housing market is full of Council (i.e. taxpayer-funded) housed families. A great many of these are illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers. We "know about" well over 1 million illegals. Most of us know that the real number is much greater. You want to reduce the demand for new housing? The best possible start would be to get rid of the unwelcome cause of that pressure in the first place. Get rid of the people we don't want here and make accommodation available for the genuine needy. Do the sums: up to 2,000,000 people here we don't want while we're told we need to build at least 1 million new houses over the next few years. Er, no we don't. On the other hand, cowardly politicians look for easier answers. The building lobby too.

Susan Wade Weeks

Suggest councils investigate property owned abroad by EU migrants currently on the housing lists. Might shorten them a little. Could also investigate property in UK owned by existing council tenants. Might free up a surprising number of flats for homeless single people and families who really need them.

Might also consider legislating against private landlords whose tenancy agreements prohibit tenants from letting spare rooms (for example where children have grown up and left home) to lodgers. And reconsider the council tax disincentive to letting out extra rooms in privately owned houses. There are far more than 700,000 spare rooms empty in the UK.

pete lee

@ Andrew Smith

No Illegal immigrants can not be housed in social housing end of

How do you know there are more than 1 million illegals. I suspect you are a BNP. getting rid of people implies forced deportation.

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