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August 21, 2012



It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up
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Sally Roberts

If a woman is asleep, she cannot express "consent".

Sex without consent is rape.

David MacDonald

To be accused of rape by one woman might be put down to misfortune but the accused by two women……..

Leon Segall

Thanks for your true and enlightening explanation of the "Assange affair" and also for your opinions on "what constitutes rape"
In my opinion for what it's worth, the vast majority of "rape" and "sexual harassment" accusations are just trumped up charges by frustrated or disappointed women (by no means can they be referred to as "ladies")

Leon Segall

To be accused of rape by one woman might be put down to misfortune but the accused by two women……..

Posted by: David MacDonald

... is more than likely a conspiracy !

David MacDonald

Conspiracy? Only if the large parts of the British and Swedish Judiciary are secretly in the pay of the CIA which seems to me to be somewhat unlikely.


Assange is an unattractive narcissist on an ego trip. Galloway is no better and of course both will reach for any stick with which to beat the US. If Nigel Farage were facing the same accusations in Sweden as Assange, the soi-disant progressive classes would be calling for his head......which shows them to be the authoritarian hypocrites and peddlers of double standards they undoubtedly are.

However, I am far from convinced by these Swedish allegations. They amount to little more than the kind of he-said-she-said accusations which have routinely been rejected by juries in this country. Sweden also seems to have a definition of rape which criminalises any misunderstanidng in the bedroom. The Swedes would also put themselves in a much stronger position if they confirmed that they will not extradite Assange to the US on wikileaks-related matters. Why have they so far refused to do so?


George following the Islamic line on women. Second class citizens, lesser minds than the men who arw worth double what the little dears are , subject to the whims and diktats of more intelligent and more in with the grace of god - men He needs to suck up to his demographic. He does so without shame.
I wonder when he will creep out from under his rock to defend those who merely partake of teenage white sluts wearing trashy clothes and so deserved to be raped, and expect the society New Labour created to let them off scot free for using their manly urgers on such lowlife trash that deserves what it gets - well, that did actually happen for near 13 years, aided and abetted by Labours thought police - I imagine its upsetting for them to lose the right to rape at will or on a whim.


Assange and Galloway - a likely pair.
Would you let either of these two look after your grandmother?

Bang to rights

Galloway is absurd. The judge considering the European Arrest Warrant ruled that the four allegations against Assange would have been indictable in English law and would, if proven, constitute rape and assualt. Galloway should retract his comments.

jack c

Ken Clarke, George Galloway & Todd Akin. What is it with male politicians and disgusting comments on rape?

Abolish the EAW

In point of fact it has been twice ruled by a British court that the worst of the allegations against Assange would constitute an allegation of rape under British Law.

However the issue with double criminality is rather that Assange could, in principle, be extradited on the basis that some subset of the accusations against him do constitute an accusation of rape and then he could be acquitted of that subset but convicted of some of the other allegations which would not constitute a sexual assault in Britain, because Sweden has a broader definition of what constitutes a sexual assault. (Albeit the only way that would be likely to occur would be if Assange admitted some of the lesser charges).

This is a general problem with the EAW because there is no requirement for double criminality, once the person has been handed over there seems to be no way to gain any assurance about what will happen to him.

So he could, in principle, be convicted of a “crime” which is not a crime in Britain or (more likely) the USA could initiate extradition proceedings for him from the USA and there would be nothing Britain could do to block those proceedings once he has left our the UK.

There is also the issue that Assange might not get a fair trail in Sweden because of all the publicity which has painted him as an absconder.

If we didn’t have the EAW then we could have made an offer to try him in the UK, that offer would likely have been accepted by the Swedish Prosecutor since it seems that all the witnesses in the case speak english. Then we could have had the trial, he would probably have been acquitted (because there is really no evidence beyond the testimony of these two women who seems to be motivated primarily by revenge) but had he been convicted then we could have put him to a UK or a Swedish Prison based upon further discussions.

It would all have been fine.

As it is there is a diplomatic bruoo ha ha and all because of the blasted EAW.

There is an added complication of the American elections which makes it hard to get a credible assurance from the USA that extradition proceedings will not be initiated against Assange once he is in Sweden.

Abolish the EAW

@bang to rights

The judge ruled that they might constitute an allegation of sexual assault according to the wording but there was some ambiguity. For example there was a question about what the word “harrass” meant.

The trouble would be that there is nothing to stop the swedish courts finding that what happened was a crime in Sweden but not in the UK.

Abolish the EAW

@jack c

You should perhaps add “Swedish Law” to your list of those making what you consider to be “disgusting comments on rape”.

In sweden there are categories of rape which basically translate as “serious rape”, “regular rape” and “less serious rape”.

Surely this is as or far more “disgusting” than anything Ken Clarke said about rape.

Abolish the EAW

@David MacDonald
"Conspiracy? Only if the large parts of the British and Swedish Judiciary are secretly in the pay of the CIA which seems to me to be somewhat unlikely.”

Sorry how would you go from two women who had been in contact with each other making up some allegations together (i.e. a conspiracy) to the idea that, if there is a conspiracy it would have to involve large parts of the Swedish and, what is more, the British Judiciary being secretly in the pay of the CIA.

Face it, you made a stupid “no smoke without fire” style comment and now you are scrambling around to defend it.

Two Cheeks of the Same Arse!

What a crazy world we live in!

Curious Cabbages

I don't get why Assange's supporters keep parroting the "dual criminality" point. It works in court because there you make any argument, no matter how indefensible, in the hope it retains your client's freedom. But outside the court it just makes Assange's supports look like they implicitly accept that Assange has creepy views on sex. And it doesn't do Assange any favours because it makes him look like he is defending the charges on a technical grounds - the definition of "rape" - rather than on the grounds that he didn't do anything.

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