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July 14, 2012


Phil Kean

And what a great ship to fly Harriers from - if this Coalition's burnt-bridges political strategy hadn't meant they were given away, boot-sale fashion, to the Americans for just £110 min.

When we look back at examples of rank stupidity by this Government, getting rid of the Harriers, and buying the WRONG Carriers - when we are sending upwards of £12 billion to foreign regimes - is likely to top the list.


You can't fly Harriers from HMS Ocean.

Alan Douglas

How long til the Navy is threatened with prosecution for unauthorised use of the rings ?

Alan Douglas

Phil Kean


They were flying Harriers on and off container ships just before the Falklands war started. They flew themfrom large destroyers on evaluation exercises before stationing them on Invincible class Escort Carriers.

There is no reason why, whatever minor modification might be required, they couldn't fly them from Ocean.
But we don't have any left to fly.


Did they have permission from the corrupt elite of the "Olympic Family" to form these rings? Expect lawsuits and criminal prosecutions to follow if they did not. I was reading today in one of the papers how it can now be considered a criminal offence to use words such as "Gold" and "Olympics" without permission. What a disgusting farce this whole sordid event is turning out to be. One hears very little of the sporting aspect, it's all security and corporate greed.

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