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July 14, 2012


Dave Hollins MBA

He said they would be under budget too.

Edward Huxley

He should have said he hopes the Olympics will be safe and secure. Thanks to the Army it might be, let`s hope so too.

He was a great athlete, but if things go wrong, he is the man at the top and he is ultimately responsible. The latest news is that G4S cannot be sure that their guards will speak proper English.


Of course it will be safe and secure, no one will be going. The athletes can't get from the airport as the M4 is shut. The public haven't got any tickets, and there's no one to let them in anyway.

What a fiasco. This Conservative government is the first one in nearly 200 years that couldn't organise a pi** up in a brewery.

We are going to be a laughing stock when this druggies sports day is over

porn bloopers

Yea, shure, it will be safe and secure! Yesterday 11 year old kid from london came to italy without ticket with plane. They don't know hot it pass trought airport security and scanners!

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