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July 04, 2012


drakes drum

Well no MP was able to get any sense from Diamond. Far too friendly, calling everyone by their christian names was a brilliant strategy by Diamond. BUT I cannot be the only one concerned that at least two of the MP's worked for Barclays. They should have declared an interest (they must be either getting or will get a pension from Barclays) and removed themselves from the enquiry. They could have influence in the committee's final report.....very unethical.

It convinced me that a Judge led enquiry, under oath, (the two prong approach offered by Milliband) is the only way to get to the truth.

Time for Cameron and Osborne to stop playing petty politics and sort banking out once and for all.

Victor Southern

Andrew Tyrie should have out a quick stop to the christian name calling.

Ross J Warren

"Time for Cameron and Osborne to stop playing petty politics and sort banking out once and for all."

We need far wiser heads than currently sit in the house. The horrible links between banking and government , the stinking corrupting pile. Barclays very unethical, profiting stealing and extra slices for greedy reasons alone. Just tragick for us all going forward.

It doesn't add up...

Interesting that the most effective questions came from the former Barclays employees.

Dave Hollins MBA

Not exactly forensic questioning nor even the ability to point out obvious contradictions in Diamond's evidence were shown by the MPs, so I don't think Dave can avoid a judicial enquiry.


Diamond seems a bit clueless if you ask me.

It doesn't add up...

I don't think a judicial enquiry will get anywhere useful. Questions have to be asked by those who understand what they're asking about. I doubt whether there are barristers who are any more able to do that than this bunch of MPs.

Andrew Smith

If criminal offenses were committed get the police and CPS involved.

If regulatory breaches occurred get the FSA (belatedly!!) to act.

If the regulators were at fault let's know why and who so disciplinary action can stop them morphing into the new regulatory entities where to continue practicing their "skills".

And if the government contributed through excessive credit creation, government deficit and off-balance sheet financing and by useless regulatory arrangements (not too few, but definitely the wrong kind), then can we have the floor boards up in Parliament - err, no!

Cleethorpes Rock

Tyrie should have said "I'm not sure if you're friends with any of the committee, but let's keep things business-like if that's alright with you Mr Diamond/Mr X" etc. This whole first name terms thing was ridiculous and just gives the impression that Bob Diamond was in charge.

On another note, how on Earth can Andrea Leadsom be a less-qualified person to be a Treasury minister than Chloe Smith? On what planet is David Cameron living?

Malcolm Dunn

For those who think a judicial enquiry is a good idea what's happened to the Iraq enquiry? Blair gave evidence more than a year ago. And since?
A judicial enquiry would be OK if it could be concluded and report within 12 months , no excuses accepted under any circumstances.

Harry Hill

Seeing Diamond in action I wonder how on earth he was 'worth' the enormous salary and bonuses he received.

Malcolm Rasala

The MP's were impressive and all did their best. But they proved they are no match to a judicial inquiry where a Bob Diamond would be under criminal liability to answer truthfully the questions he is asked. Yesterday was a terrible display of a multi-guilty company who has acted dishonestly and fraudently for years. The number of fines it has received evidence this and from Diamond's words is guilty of much much more. This is a company
acting immorally of a very long period of time and has been getting away with it thanks to our politicians of all political persuasions. This has to stop. A judicial inquiry please. It can be given a 6 month time line on the multi-bank Libor fraud. And then a second stage re the culture parallel with a Select Committee report much as Leveson. Stop attacking Leveson. It has shown us what has been going in the media sector. It is good. Rise above party politics. This is about our morality as a society. Do what is right.

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