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June 16, 2012



The clip didn't show much of an anti-British rant, and it wasn't long either!


The Falklands need to be given complete independence and recognised as a county by the UN. They can still keep their links with Britain but they need their own flag. they are bigger than many countries.


Why does no one threaten the French dependencies around the world?

Edward Huxley

Sorry Bruce,if we deserted the Falklands after losing so many of our servicemen to reclaim them it would be a dreadful crime. "Independence" would soon mean another invasion ny Argentina. They are British and will remain British.

And I suppose you would hand Gibraltar back to Spain.


Bruce if the Falklands asked for independence they would get it.


David - The only French dependencies left are a few islands in the likes of the Caribbean and Indian Ocean!

Ultimo Tiger

And French Guiana

Cleethorpes Rock

and St Pierre and Miquelon off the coast of Canada.

You don't see the Canadians ranting and throwing their hormones around the UN over that. Argentina is pretty much a Banana Republic which is why they behave like that. Sending those 655 young conscripts to their deaths against the Paras, Royal Marines and Gurkhas was tantamount to a suicide mission and La Presidenta would be advised not to send any more of her country's young people the same way.

Sean O'Hare

I don't know who those guys sitting beside her are, but they seemed to be highly embarrassed and giving out the impression that they would rather be anywhere else but there.

Frankland Macdonald Wood

What is the going rate for a first-rate hitman these days? Lets have a whip round!

Jon Bailey

Everyone in the UK should stop buying Argintine goods, wine etc.and ask their supermarkets to remove such goods forthwith

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