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June 18, 2012


Matthew Reynolds

Oh just have a cabinet of business people in a technocratic regime under a restored monarchy !You could reduce parliament to being a consultative body who could vote on new laws,budgets & appointments in a non binding way.But the King would wield executive & legislative power.That would be a temporary regime so that as soon as all the unpopular decisions are taken King Constantine II can abdicate,Crown Prince Paul can become King and a constitution can be granted.King Paul II could reign in as a constitutional system.

You could restore the economy under a provisional government that was basically an absolute monarchy and then restore democracy if Constantine II abdicated & his son became King.King Paul II could do a la Louis XVIII & grant a constitutional charter.

The legal situation would be that Constantine II's reign had been ongoing since 1964 much as that in France in 1814 whereby Louis XVIII's reign was rightly said to have started in 1795.

The change needed in terms of economic policy is too much for democracy to withstand.It needs a spell of technocratic governance backed by the army but with the King in charge to ensure a speedy period of reform.It would be in the interests of the Royal Family to speedily revive the economy & restore democracy so that their restoration could be seen to be a success and thus be a lasting monarchy.

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