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May 29, 2012


Cleethropes Rock

Why did he not mention the reason Vince Cable was taken off the bid?
Where was the right of reply from the government after Harman's unopposed piece?

That said, this is a Westminster Village issue that has moved away from phone hacking and press ethics, and become a forum for embittered MPs with an axe to grind following the expenses exposure, a forum for the left to beat up Murdoch and his (popular & successful)companies.

It won't shift a single vote.


Seems okay to me.

But then I think Craig Oliver probably has chats like that every day. I mean fighting with reporters to get them to paint the PM in the best light is his job isn't it?

I don't have much sympathy for this Hunt fiasco, it was clear from anyone who watched him at Leveson that Adam Smith was only doing what Hunt wanted. Whatever trouble they get into is their own grubby fault.


I would like to have listened to this report but I had to turn it off at 1:26 as soon as Harriet Harman came on.

Public Sector Worker

Watching this all the way through, I agree completely with Cleethorpes Rock. No balance at all, no acknowledgement that it is possible to be in favour of something and be unbiased when having to make a decision. No re-airing of just why Cable was removed from the bid and everything Smith says is pure presumption.

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