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May 28, 2012



Sell off the BBC as competition for Sky and scrap the BBC licence fee.
Why do we still have a broadcasting service funded by the tax payer via the government - normally this would be expected to be government biased but in the case of the BBC it is the opposite.

Peter Buss

My opinion of Craig Oliver has absolutely zoomed up!The BBC reporting of this whole saga has been outrageous. Even todays Guardina ticks them off.

Andrew Lloyd

Isn't Craig Oliver a former BBC man? It's clearly rattling a few cages in Downing Street or we wouldn't have this faux-anger, stomp off, ''I rest my case'' caper. It could easily have been Blair going through this, it's just Cameron's bad luck perhaps compounded by bad judgement that it has spilled out on his watch. In the end Leveson probably won't come to much and will wither on the vine but as Oliver so clearly demonstrates, it is doing damage, even if some of it is self-inflicted.

christina Speight

"This video has been removed by the user" I thought we were the "users" !

Andrew Lloyd must have read it at 1,50 whereas I can't at 2.10 !!

I take it that the BBC won't allow itself to be ticked off publicly! robert | above has the answer. The Beeb's technical relays from the Leveson jshambles are 100% incompetent. I am sure that even if the court is in theory the relayer in practice it will be Beeb people with the cameras and the controls. Sack someone !


The source of the video it seems can only be the BBC. Which would mean that a BBC employee or contractor must have leaked it, to make themselves look good and the Conservatives look bad.

The reality is Tories admire a Director of Comms with a backbone willing to stand up to the weak BBC and the BBC look bad as it appears as if they leaked it, wittingly or unwittingly.

Frank Furter

It is still available over at Guido's site. His comment seems to say that BBC lawyers have intervened to stop it being shown. Is that because of what it contains, or is it because someone in the BBC has leaked it?

christina Speight

Whoever stopped the video has been overruled - It's back I find (@3.45)

Smith was made to look very shifty! Can he be investigated by Leveson (everyone else is)

It doesn't add up...

I think we've just seen a censorship technology demonstration, probably complete with data gathering.

liz kemp

I totally agree with Craig Oliver`s comments on the bias of the BBC.For a long time I have been aware of all the classic methods employed in propaganda. It has become patently obvious that the BBC is out to undermine this Government. It is an extremely worrying trend and is not democratic particularly as the BBC is funded by the public purse


1) Kudos to whoever leaked this video.
2) Nice one, Craig Oliver. Mr Norman Smith's body language spoke volumes.

The government should insist that the new Director general adheres tightly to the BBC Charter, i.e. being impartial, with the proviso that if there's no change in a year, the Beeb will be privatised, and no more Beeb Tax!


Kudos to Norman Smith for holding his ground and looking cool, calm and collected in the face of Oliver's bullying. I'm happy to pay my license fee to fund a decent journo like Smith.

Cameron is clearly running scared.

Malcolm Dunn

I think Cameron's handling of this has been very poor but the BBC's coverage has been typically lamentable. Not once in any of the BBC's numerous reports on this affair have I seen any any mention of the fact that the BBC was the leading opponent of News International's takover of BSKYB or that it has a huge vested interest in destabilising BSKYB.
The performance of the BBC man was truly pathetic he simply could not defend himself at all.My opinion of Craig Oliver have gone up but he was far, far too reasonable. If Coulson is not prosecuted we should get hiom back!


At last we are standing up to the BBC. The BBC have been spreading disinformation about Jeremy Hunt for weeks, well done Craig Oliver for standing up to them. As a licence payer I am totally behind you as I am sure are most Conservatives.

I agree entirely with Liz Kemp that the BBC is out to undermine this Government and that it is extremely worrying and not democratic. I am so sick of having to pay for something that blatently supports the Labour Party. Today Tony Blair is at Leveson, why aren't they reporting that. Guido has reported that when Mandelson was there last week it was not reported and they barely mentioned Tom Waton's appearence. Why are they trying to undermine the Conservatives when all we are doing is trying to get this country out of the mess that Labour left.

David Cameron has done nothing wrong, well that's what TB saying today. TB has done nothing wrong, and his relationship was much closer to Murdoch than David Cameron's ever was.


Every government gets criticised by the BBC and this one is no different. I think it looks rather silly for Tory supporters to complain about the BBC being biased against them given all the stick the BBC had given Ed Miliband for more than a year after he was elected.

Public Sector Worker

Can I have some more please, Oliver?

james tyler

More Bullying from the Tories, this is becoming thematic of Dave's 'new' Tories.

Public Sector Worker

"More Bullying from the Tories, this is becoming thematic of Dave's 'new' Tories."

You call that bullying? You've obviously never worked for Gordon or Alastair, you big wuss.

Cleethropes Rock

Don't mess with someone from Dundee. Up the Arabs!

William Pimm

Craig Oliver has a job to do which is to paint David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt in the best possible light. Not sure at this moment if he will get a bonus from Dave for his performance which some would regard as not at all cool and maybe a touch hysterical. Norman Smith also, hampered somewhat by a humourless cadaverous type facies, has a job to do which is to present the news in an unbiased way or, if you think the BBC is full of Guardianista left wing journos, to promote left wing opinions. Not sure if I like either of them.

Cleethropes Rock

BBC Subscription Bill 2012:

The abolish the licence fee from 2013 and instead allow viewers to purchase the BBC as part of their Satellite or Cable subscription if they so wish.

To pardon all who have been prosecuted by the licensing authorities and to withdraw all current proceedings.

To place the BBC in the ownership of its subscribers, that they may do with it as they please.


The BBC is a business competitor of News International. It seems to be able to get hold of information and use it to harm a rival. I’m particularly thinking of Robert Peston’s report back in January that Ofcom had unequivocally told Hunt to refer the bid to the Competition Committee. Much use has been made of this to show that Hunt was biased in favour of Murdoch. The BBC has also used it to portray NI as manipulative and underhand. However, the testimony of the permanent secretary at the Culture department was that Hunt was scrupulous in following legal advice when fulfilling his quasi-judicial role and that the aim throughout was to make a decision which was acceptable to the regulator. In this instance, the BBC is not just a news medium commentating on events; it is an active participant in a business contest with NI. The role of the BBC and Peston, in particular, needs to be examined critically.


I thought the BBC got the tone a bit wrong in their report. However if Oliver really wants to earn his corn he should give some coaching to Cameron and Osborne who seem to have no idea what exactly "the message" is any more. It doesn't seem to extend much beyond pretending to be Chelsea supporters and not wearing ties. Hardly going to earn them their first election win in 2015.

Cleethropes Rock

There was me getting my Craigs mixed up. Ah well, it's only politics.

Stephen Gash

The BBC should be given to its biased workforce to be run as John Lewis is with a copper-bottomed clause it may not be sold on and it cannot run adverts. Then the licence fee should be replaced by subscription-only funding. It can then be as biased as it likes and we'll see how long its lasts. This would cost the taxpayers nothing.

porn bloopers

Can i get some more Cameron, please?

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